SID, v2.0

Water is one of the most critical nutrients required by dairy cows.  Unfortunately, water can limit productivity or health due to either poor availability or innate water characteristics which affect rumen function, immune function or availability of trace minerals.  Knowing what minerals are in your water supply provides a very incomplete story.  SID, The Water Evaluator was the first generation tool which introduced the concept of the Strong Ion Difference (SID) and Total Intake Cation Anion Difference (TICAD) to water evaluation as it relates to cows.

The second generation of SID includes the water intake prediction just as before, but has been updated to allow the calculation of total mineral intake from feed and water, plus the calculation of DCAD, SID and TICAD.  This powerful tool gives the nutritionist a better handle on just how much mineral the cows are getting and how that relates to NRC based mineral requirements as well as interactions, antagonisms or other potentially detrimental effects.

SID, v2.0, will be a completley web-based tool and reside at the website which has been exclusively licensed to Vi-COR, Inc.  Subscriptions are available through the website or to customers of Vi-COR, by contacting their local Vi-COR sales manager.

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