About Us

Lori Elrod has spent her life with horses. An avid rider since the age of nine, Lori has gravitated toward dressage, then eventing, and lately back to dressage. In the intervening years, Lori has worked for many private horse farms, as an attendant for a national horse transportation company, a professional show groom and currently as an aged-horse care giver. Among the older horses currently in her care are Galileo, Fasseta, Ricky and Aussie. Lori and Elegaard’s Heart Chief (a.k.a. Chip), a 9 year-old Danish Warmblood, are loving their partnership as a dressage team.

Dr. Charlie Elrod has spent the last 40+ years working with livestock. A former dairyman, beef ranch cowboy, nutritionist and extension educator, he is devoted to the care and well-being of animals. He is currently the co-founder of Natural Biologics, Inc., an animal health innovation company.  With a Ph.D. in Animal Science from Cornell University, he has a deep knowledge of the physiology, health and nutrition of animals. Most of his time on the farm, however, is spent maintaining facilities and helping out as needed.