Welcome to Madame Mayor’s Monthly Musings

Greetings horse (and pony) lovers.  I am one of the newer retirees at Springfield Equine Retirement, though I cannot say what I have retired from but it’s still lovely to be here.  My name is Peaches, yes, a most ordinary name but at least it’s not Princess or Star, very common names for ponies. However, I am no ordinary pony.  I do have other nicknames that my peeps have given me: Pony Baloney, Fatty Bratty Pony (not cool at all!) but also La Peche (tres elegante) and La Pesca (bellisima).  I am clearly the smallest resident at the barn but pretty sure also the smartest!  I have recently been dubbed the “mayor” (or mare, get it?) here at Springfield.  I do enjoy being sociable and looking in on my barn mates each morning on my way out to the paddock.  I also check to make sure everyone has eaten their breakfast and had a good night.  I would stop longer and pause if one of them was not feeling up to par to alert my human partners.  That’s one of the ways that my smartness comes into play. When I first arrived, several of the big horses were terrified of me – oh how they carried on, snorting, staring, spinning, spooking and so forth.  Now I have to seriously question their intelligence: did they not read the book on breeds of the equine species? Well, I am one of those, just smaller and as previously noted, smarter, but certainly not something truly scary like an ostrich. This is my first attempt at story telling so I will make this one short. I have many more tales to tell about my past lives, how I came to live here and the adventures here at Springfield with all my new friends.  So stick with me cowboys and girls.  I’ll see you soon.